Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thought So

When I saw this headline I thought I would be able to guess the nationality of those involved:

A court in Germany has convicted three men of stealing over four km (2.5 miles) of rail track, weighing nearly 500 tonnes, to sell as scrap metal.

The court in the city of Marburg said Tuesday the men, aged 26 to 29, pretended to be working for the national rail operator Deutsche Bahn when they began carving up a disused line between nearby Niederwalgern and Lohra with blowtorches.

"They even went around handing out leaflets to locals asking for understanding about the noise," a court spokesman said.

"The stolen tracks were worth about 170,000 euros.

The three suspects, all Germans born in the former Soviet Union, had removed 476 tonnes of steel track by the time they were caught when a local man contacted Deutsche Bahn to check their story.

Yup, the number of times we've seen something similar in Russia. Anything and everything being sold (often to us) as scrap metal.