Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Yankees 27

Yankees 27: that's the proud number that the New York Yankees can boast as a result of winning the 2009 World Series last night. That's 27 titles that they've won over the years, making them by far the most successful team of all time in the sport.

The way it went down is that Hideki Matsui (who was named World Series 2009 MVP as a result) got 6 RBIs during the game which in itself is a World Series clincher game record. Matsui himself is now a free agent in the winter and that's not a bad way to start off a career as a free agent now, is it?

But the 27 titles that the Yankees have won really rather confirms that they're larger than the sport itself. Just as Manchester United have fans all over the world, even amongst those who don't know all that much about soccer, so the Yankees have fans all over the world amongst those who know little about baseball. They're a team that transcend the sport they compete in.

Yankees 27: no one else is even close and it's most unlikely that anyone ever will be.

The Yankees win the World Series

Yes, well, we thought it might happen: the Yankees win the World Series. Again.

Yah boo sucks from everyone outside New York City and wild jubilation from half of the people in it (or perhaps somewhat more than half: the Mets don't have quite the same home town support).

Actually, that might be rather over doing it. The Yankees winning the world Series is perhaps a little like Manchester United winning something in soccer. They're both, in their respective sports, rather larger than the actual sports they compete in. Huge number of people around the world claim Manchester United as their team, just as any number of people who aren't really sure of the finer points of baseball claim the Yankees as theirs.

So perhaps there will be jubliation outside NYC as well as the Yankees win the World Series.